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A Charlie Brown Christmas on Skid Row

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Charlie Brown is angular and laconic and not unfamiliar with tough times.

He has been homeless for more years than he can count and lives in a tiny trailer pulled to the side of the road.   “I’ve got nothing in there, nothing. But I do have a roof.” He has no heat, no running water, no bed, Nothing. Except the tan and burgandy rug he purchased after visiting the apartment reserved for him on the 11th floor of the Rosslyn Hotel Apartments. “I saw that place and I envisioned a rug and sheets on the bed, art on the walls. I have a nice view and a bathroom. I am going to love that.”
He had been scheduled to move in the day before Christmas.

Then, he changed his mind.

Instead of moving in to his new home, he decided to send money to his grandson in Florida. “He should have the best Christmas. I can wait. I can move in later.”
This is the last year that Charlie Brown will spend Christmas homeless on the streets of Los Angeles.
You can help SRO Housing Corporation welcome Charlie Brown Home. Make a donation today.
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