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HORACE HIGGINS: Writing with Heart

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Mr. Horace Higgins lives at SRO Housing Corporation's Harold Hotel and spends his days writing stories that bring to life raw truths from the streets.

Mr. Higgins is confident and intense. “I am an artist. I want my work to be informative and entertaining,” he says. In addition to his daily discipline of writing, he commutes regularly to Cedars Sinai Hospital for cardiac therapy as he recovers from open-heart surgery.

He was born in Durham, North Carolina, one of ten children. He grew up in extreme poverty. He was raised by his mother, “My father just didn’t have the heart to stick around.”  Horace left home at 17 with an 8th grade education, a driving creative passion and a curiosity about the world beyond his humble beginnings.

His first stop was Washington, D.C where, in 1975, he first started writing. He has moved through a colorful career that has included writing poetry, writing and producing jingles for radio advertising, producing television commercials, as well as managing and producing singers and even cutting a successful record on his own record label.

After a move to New York and a divorce, he arrived in Los Angeles in 1989 and was eager to launch a career in screen writing. He enjoyed brushes with success. When a potential production deal fell through, he was devastated,

 “The next thing I knew, I was on the outside looking in. I    wasn’t invited to the meetings. Time was dragging on and  nothing was happening.”

He took jobs to survive, but suffered a string of injuries, to a leg and a foot, kept him from working.

He had exhausted all his funds and was in a leg cast when he sought help in finding housing. He moved to the Panama Hotel with a housing voucher and later, in the spring of 1992, moved to the Harold Hotel.

At one point, he tried his hand at acting. His acting coach re-directed him, “You’re wasting your time here, you should be writing.”

So, Horace turned his full attention to his writing and has never looked back. He has 30 projects in the works spanning a variety of genres, Sci-Fi, True Crime, Thrillers and Love Stories for television, motion pictures and radio. He has written 150 songs and is not shy about crooning a sample lyric or two.  Horace is an eternal optimist and is dedicated to building his mastery of technique.

“I read books on screenwriting from cover to cover. It is very important to have technique. I am good at my craft. I have a comfortable home here, it makes it possible for me to focus on my art.”

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